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Drama Classes

Age 4-18 Years

Drama classes are kept to a small size of approximately 10-16, with children all from the same year group. This allows children to meet others from different schools of the same age, our teachers to really get to know the children and everyone has the chance to shine. 


The classes are run on a two year cycle and involve:-


Mini Productions.  These take place at the Brentwood Theatre. Every class has a play to perform and every child has lines to say and the chance to shine. Various genres are explored including Drama, Comedy , Melodrama and Classics.

Examinations with LAMDA. Younger students take Speaking of Verse and Prose

exams, developing memory skills, growing confidence and building a strong, expressive speaking voice.

Older students take Acting exams, delving into characterisation and reactions , continuing to develop strong speaking skills.


Camera Work. The students will learn how acting infront of a camera is very different to performing on stage. Each class will record a short film which will then be screened at a 'Red Carpet Event" at the Brentwood Theatre.


Immersive Theatre . The students will learn to include the audience as part of the story that they are telling. Performances take place in various locations, building confidence, teamwork and improving acting skills.

Improvisation. Improvisation is great for stretching the imagination, sparking spontaneity, listening, teamwork and leads to some very entertaining performances

For those who want more, students have the opportunity to be involved in Flashmobs, 1:1 Drama classes, additional performing opportunities  and 1:1 acting through song lessons.


Musical Theatre Classes

Ages 4-18 years

These tend to be bigger classes, mixing year groups from ages 4 – 11 and 12 – 18.  The children buzz with excitement, singing, dancing and acting as we move from one project to the next. 


Showcases. The chance for the students to sing, dance and act within

their own class and with the rest of the school, whether it be group work, solos, duets or trios. Being a showcase means we can explore a variety of musicals, old and



Big Show. All musical theatre classes come together to perform a Well Known Musical at the Palace, Civic or Thameside Theatre, with great scenery and costumes.


Smaller Shows. These are performed at the Brentwood Theatre. We split the school into two , to either provide a double cast for a well known musical eg Matilda, allowing more parts for everyone, or to provide a suitable show for younger students, eg Jungle Book and a separate show for senior

students eg Legally Blonde.

LAMDA Examinations. In a supportive group environment, individuals will flourish as they tell a story together through acting, song and dance. They will develop their acting skills through song, learning various techniques to convey the right mood and develop their voices learning harmonies, and choral singing skills, as well as opportunities for solos. Great for confidence building and teamwork.

Pantomimes. Usually based around a well known story such as Aladdin , the children sing, dance and act in our pantomimes. They learn about ‘slapstick’ comedy , stock charcaters eg the

viillan and how to encourage the audience to participate.


Playhouse- pre-school drama and musical theatre

Ages 2-4

Fun, but structured sessions in a nurturing, safe and happy environment.


We will ignite their imaginations through Drama and Musical Theatre, focusing on story telling, poetry, nursery rhymes, movement, games, singing and dancing.


Our Playhouse group is all about having fun, building confidence, improving social and communication skills, being creative, working and growing together- skills that are vital in ensuring little minds are ready and prepared for Big School.


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